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  The flow control technology and 6 CFM PRO-SET® vacuum pump allow you to evacuate systems up to 50% faster. Intelligent self diagnostic capabilities and quality “MADE IN THE USA” manufacturing all contribute to create a solid unit you can rely on to run smoothly in those busy summer months. Fully compliant with SAE J2788 standard and SAE J2788H standard for High Voltage A/C systems.   RTI's revolutionary approach in designing  and building  a new automotive A/C service  machine is now available.  A high performance air conditioning flush  service system designed for today’s modern A/C service operation! Air Conditioner.  
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  CLIMA/CS  CCST 200 ccst   ACM-150 Model Number: ACM-150  
  CLIMA/CS    CCST 300      
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  CLIMA/CS 388      
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  Flo-Dynamics, a leading innovator in automotive fluid exchange technology, proudly presents CLIMA/CS. CLIMA/CS A/C equipment is smart, reliable and fast. CLIMA/CS technology has been proven with use in many countries throughout the world for over 12 years. CLIMA/CS is available in two models, the CCST300 and CCST200.  

Henry AC system diagnosis , Vacuum microprocessor controlled .

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